• Dramatherapy

What is Dramatherapy ?

Dramatherapy is one of the four forms of Creative Arts Therapy (music, dance, art and drama) and it helps to understand and know yourself by exploring your unconscious.

It is about opening a space where you can listen to your instincts and you can unlock messages from your body and mind that you may not be aware of.

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Masaya aims to raise awareness of the female collective and how it can be used as a supportive and transformative tool on issues related to violence against women - WORK IN PROGRESS -


‘21Dreams’ is a Female Collective Dream Diary aiming to connect and empower women survivors of sexual violence and women in the community by collecting their dreams and creating 21 empowering stories together.


Encounters is an invitation to play, explore and feel. It’s a participatory video installation that aims to empower audiences to actively interact with the community they live in and promote social inclusion.

Check out the Masaya project where we aimed to empower women and girls through creative arts.

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